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Mayfair Antiques​

Mayfair Antiques is your source for fine and unique antique and fine furniture, indicative accessories, mirrors, lighting, paintings, porcelains, period furniture, French, English, American, and more.

A favorite destination for antique and collectible shoppers,  we showcase thousands of antique pieces and treasures to enjoy. 


We are Dealer Friendly, provide Estate Sale Services and paint and fix furniture.   

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11 Paterson Ave, Midland Park

Suites 8 & 9

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Monday:          10:30 to 5:00

Tuesday:          10:30 to 5:00

Wednesday:    10:30 to 5:00

Thursday:         10:30 to 5:00

Friday:               10:30 to 5:00

Saturday:         10:30 to 5:00


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Phone:  201-444-7007


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