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Vintage Fusion Restorations

At Vintage Fusion, we are artists and designers drawn to things from the past and a passion to restore them. We believe there should always be an easy way to make your home beautiful. We can custom paint any piece to fit in any room of your home.  We offer Dixie Belle and Fusion Mineral paints and supplies, resources and guidance to help you transform your pieces.  Come in and discover our hand-painted furniture, home decor, gifts, and more. 

​We also personalize Event Signs and Decor for weddings and other occasions. And we welcome local artists to host pop-up events and workshops. Contact us to find out more.


Wedding example.jpg


11 Paterson Ave, Midland Park



Tuesday:           12:00 to 5:00

Wednesday:    10:30 to 5:00

Thursday:         10:30 to 5:00

Friday:              10:30 to 5:00

Saturday:         10:30 to 5:00



Phone:  201-389-6634



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